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"Trash  Recycled"

The members of Trash - Hamilton & Mikkelsen - are both classical educated percussionists, with solid experience from professional symphony orchestras, theaters and ensembles.


The instruments are everyday things like trash, cans, bicycles, plastic tubes and containers, all used to make a musical show with an intense grib of the audience all way through. 

TRASH RECYCLED takes you on a journey around the Trash universe ... filled with fun stories told solely through music and performance.


The audience is integrated and activated through the music and there is a strong contact between the symphony orchestra, Trash and the audience throughout the concert.


The concert includes music of Wood - Rossini - Shostakovich - Brahms - Grieg and more.

Trash has played over 500 concerts, shows and events throughout the Nordic countries, Germany and the Baltics and has made features for i.a. TV2, Nordic Council of Ministers, UEFA and Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

"Trash  Recycled"

(Duration 45-60 min)

Practical info:

- Orchestra can determine the conductor for the production itself.

- Trash needs only 1 day of rehearsal (4 hours) with the orchestra.

Production-package also includes:

- all musicscores for the production (ready to print)

- concert video (conductors version - for rehearsal)

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The Concept

The ensemble TRASH has developed a unique form of children’s concert for the symphony orchestra.


TRASH has integrated performance, street-theatre and stomp into the classical concert.


The result is 3 extremely tight and well run productions: 


  • “TRASH - Recycled”  

  • “TRASH - Roadwork” 

  • "TRASH - Outside The Box"


- which are outstanding classical concerts with a very strong appeal to the young audience.


The purpose of the concerts is to expose the high quality of the great symphony orchestra and to give the young audience an intense experience of classical symphonic music.

The Music

Throughout the concerts, the classical symphonic music merges with the instruments of TRASH. The ensemble has arranged the original percussion parts and play these on homemade percussion instruments made of trash and objects from everyday life. 


In some of the pieces TRASH has the role of a soloist, in other pieces, the ensemble merely supports the musical experience through performance, comedy etc.


The productions include music from composers such as Shostakovich, Mussorgsky, Offenbach, Khachaturian, Brahms, Grieg, Dvorak etc. 


The great sound of the symphony orchestra is united with the raw and unusual trash-sounds in a very tasteful way so that the original music is never compromised.

The Form

TRASH breaks with the traditional form of the classical concert and all communication takes place without any use of words so the concept appeals to audiences of all nationalities and languages.


The concerts are based on the fantastic qualities of the symphony orchestra presented in a new form which appeals strongly to the young audience.


All music pieces are linked naturally and accompanied by performance and lots of comedy.


Thus, the whole concert turns into a continuous flow of musical experience and exploration. 


The audience is integrated and activated through the music and  there is a strong contact between the symphony orchestra, TRASH and the audience throughout the concerts.

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