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A breathtaking and entertaining show where the

group creates music on impressive instruments

made out of pipes, tubes, bicycles, trashcans,

junk and everyday things.




Even the audience is activated and at one point

becomes an important part of the band.

The musicians Hamilton & Mikkelsen will show

you how to make music on everyday stuff - things

you normally would throw in the garbage becomes

beautiful musicinstruments.


TRASH SCHOOL CONCERTS is a different, very funny, very musical and ABSOLUTELY crazy experience and everyday trash will suddenly become interesting in a new way.

TRASH have played over 800 concerts all over europe and the fact that it is "ALL MUSIC - NO WORDS" makes the experience the same, no matter where you live or what language you speak.


Duration:          40 minutes

Targetgroup:    age 6-16 

Audience:        a max. of 100 pr. concert

The concerts include educational material that can be used in school teaching afterwards.


TRASH was formed in Denmark in 2002 and has extensive professional experience with

the presentation of music for children and teens.


The ensemble has performed more than 800 children's and family concerts around Europe,

both solo and as soloists with symphony orchestras all over Europe.


The musicians Hamilton & Mikkelsen both have MA's from top classical academies of music

as well as comprehensive professional experience as classical percussionists in danish

symphony orchestras. 

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