The feedback has been fantastic from the audience as well as everybody involved (musicians, conductors and staffs), and you are most welcome to contact the following persons as references for the symphonic production.

Malmö Symphony Orchestra

CEO Christian Halberg

Tel.: +46 406 30 45 15

Odense Symphony Orchestra

CEO Finn Schumacker

Tel.: +45 63 75 00 50

Aarhus Symphony Orchestra

Mette Storgaard, Child & Youth 

Tel.:  +45 89 40 90 90

Aalborg Symphony Orchestra

Anne Rom, Child & Youth

Tel.:  +45 98 13 19 55

Trash also toured Norway (Rikskonsertertene), The Baltics (ESTI Concerti), Finland and Germany (UEFA)


"- a terrific experience spiced with lots of humor and musicality. It kept us all in suspence - more of that, thank you"

Aalborg Stiftstidende (Newspaper)

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