Trash was formed in Denmark in 2002 and has comprehensive professional experience with the presentation of music for children. The group has performed more than 500 children's- and family concerts in Scandinavia.

Trash breaks with the traditional form of the classical concert and all communication takes place without use of words so the concept appeals to audiences of all nationalities and languages.

Trash plays the whole production by heart which gives the group great energy to connect to the audience.


Trash has developed a unique form of children's concert for the symphony orchestra and has integrated performance, streettheatre and stomp into the classical concert.

The result is an extremely tight and well-run production:   "A Mission Impossible...". An outstanding classical concert with a very strong appeal to the young audience.

The purpose of the concert is to expose the high quality of the symphony orchestra and to give the young audience an intense experience of classical symphonic music.


Throughout the concert the classical symphonic music merges with the instruments of the group. Trash has arranged the original percussion parts and play these on homemade instruments made of trash and objects from everyday life.

"A Mission Impossible..." has visited symphony orchestras in Denmark and Sweden such as Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Aalborg Symphony Orchestra and more.

The audience is integrated and activated through the music and there is a strong contact between the symphony orchestra, Trash and the audience throughout the concert.


The concert includes music of Wood - Mussorgsky - Copland - Schedrin - Grieg - Schifrin and more.


The musicians Hamilton & Mikkelsen both have MAs from top classical academies of music as well as comprehensive professional experience as classical percussionists and a all thoroughly familiar with the way professional symphony orchestras work as well as the classical repertoire.

The group have performed more than 500 children's- and family concerts in Scandinavia.