The ensemble combines music with theater in new ways in striking performances. The shows and events are highly entertaining.

Ordinary things like trashcans, bicycles and plastic tubes are the only instruments we use to create spectacular and powerful shows. has played more than 500 concerts, shows and events in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia. The ensemble has performed for organizations and tv-stations like TV2 Denmark, UEFA, the Nordic Council of Ministers and Copenhagen Jazzfestival.

All members of have MAs from top classical academies of music as well as comprehensive experience from professional theatres, ensembles and symphony orchestras.

Shows and events creates striking musical events and shows. Form, content and duration of the events are adjusted to client wishes. The ensemble has made events for amongst others:

  • TV2 Denmark
  • UEFA
  • The Nordic Council of Ministers

Concerts and performances

Our concerts appeal to a wide-ranging audience. Our experience in presenting music to children is comprehensive. We have played more than 300 concerts in Denmark and abroad. All of our presentations and communication are nonverbal and therefore perfectly suited for audiences in any country.

Amongst others we have produced and performed concerts for

  • Copenhagen Jazzfestival
  • Rikskonsertene in Norway
  • Eesti Kontsert in Estonia
  • Konserttikeskus in Finland

Symphonic productions

The ensemble has created a brand new type of concert for the symphony orchestra in two different classical productions: “A Mission Impossible…” and “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. The concerts are powerful and entertaining explorations of classical music and the symphony orchestra. Performance and comedy is used to transform the concert into a great symphonic show in which are both soloists and guides of classical music. There is no use of speech in the concert. All communication happens through music and performance. The concerts are performed with a strong connection to the audience and have been very popular. has produced for and been soloist with:

  • Malmö Symphony Orchestra
  • Aalborg Symphony Orchestra
  • Odense Symphony Orchestra
  • Aarhus Symphony Orchestra
  • South Jutland Symphony Orchestra


Simon Sigfusson

MA in percussion from the Royal Danish Academy of Music
Studies in Brisbane, Australia
Freelance percussionist with among others: the National Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Danish Theatre, the Other Opera and Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra
Member of the Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen 1993-1998
Principal percussionist in Aalborg Symphony Orchestra since 2001

Jesper Mikkelsen

MA in percussion from the Academy of Music, Aalborg
Studies in California, USA
Freelance percussionist with among others: Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Odense Symphony Orchestra, the National Danish Radio Entertainment Orchestra More than 1000 school concerts with different professional ensembles

Thomas Hamilton

MA in percussion from the Academy of Music, Aalborg
Postgraduate studies at Guildhall School of Music in London
Freelance percussionist with among others: Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, South Jutland Symphony Orchestra, Aalborg Theater, The Jomfru Ane Theater, Filuren, Holstebro Theater and Prinsens Livregiments Musikkorps
Soloist with Aalborg Symphony Orchestra 2005



Simon Sigfusson
Constancevej 14
DK-9000 Aalborg
Phone: +45 26 14 43 48